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Music for Rockers and everyone .

Welcome to my Music Website, This site is intended for Musicians and those who wish to make their own music, You are welcome anytime . I am a musician / singer / songwriter, And I have produced this website to interest of musicians of all walks of music , Although I am a Rock guitarist, Other music formats are also welcome to this site , I hope you enjoy what you read on here and please visit this site at any time, Thank you '

Visit my blog on here as well as my other blog on  http://paulburns07.blogspot.com

or on http://www.friendburst.com/Rockhousemusicproject/  or on Rockhouse Musician-Band http://www.reverbnation.com  or on the Rockhouse music project page on facebook,

Thanks for your support and for reading this page '  You know its nice to know that Rock Music is still a part of our music cultue, Amongst all the pop,R&b,Rap,and other stuff that they call music, Rock Music still has its followers and allways will, The reason for this site is to help Musicians and Music makers + Singers to find their way in their field of music by means of reviews for them on my blog pages, So feel free to leave messages etc, Once again ,Thank you for visiting this music site !


I just recently purchased a Teisco 60s guitar for jus £10, what a bargain it turned out to be, I have tried to locate one the same but can't seem to find one just like that one! I have come to a conclusion that it must be a rare one, I will display a photo soon.

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